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    Dear Reader,



    I want to take this opportunity to thank the Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) board of directors and the collaborative member construction companies for their brilliant support and affiliations.

     I firmly believe that, in order for our association to remain strong, vibrant, and most importantly to continue to increase our presence within the halls of government and the regularity agencies, it's essential that we continue to work together as a collective voice when representing our very unique industry. in order accomplish this goal, it is vital that all members get involved, and convey your respective opinion with not only ideas, but also ways in which these ideas can be implemented and brought into practice.

     The resilience of our industry will come from continues support and affiliation of our professional members cooperation's and to strengthen more the industry where it grows and create business opportunities across the country and abroad we need to go ahead further and consult on the significant changes that are timely required to be accrued in this industry. Since the inception of 2001 the only sector who practically brought changes and outcome in Afghanistan, it was the construction industry and we hope this achievement continuity in the future.

     In recent year, ABA experience tremendous growth and has experienced the trust of local and international construction companies and organizations. It's our mission to continue supporting our member companies in providing a reliable and quality services. Moreover, we are proud conducting construction capacity development trainings with the cooperation of US-Army Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan Engineers District-North (USACE) which resulted developing hundreds of engineers capacities from different construction companies.

    We here at ABA appreciates and acknowledge the Afghanistan construction companies to strengthen their capacities and liabilities to step ahead entering into international construction market which is essential in the current circumstances.

     ABA provides matchmaking conferences, Business gatherings, promotional services national and International-wide for the member construction companies in order to facilitate building market.

    Furthermore, we cordially invite the local and International construction companies becoming ABA member in order to facilitate themselves and build an strong foundation of hundreds of construction professionals with one voice.

    ABA would take this opportunity serving you as we are the voice of Afghanistan Construction Industry.

    I personally thanks for the time you have taken to read this message.



     Naeem Yassin

     President of  Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA)



  • Who We Are  »

    Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) is the largest growing construction association in Afghanistan established with the support of USAID and construction companies in 2004 with the delegation offices in Jalalabad, Kandahar, Mazar‐e‐Sharif, Herat and Gardez. ABA concentrates its all efforts to professionalize and strengthen construction sector in Afghanistan by providing various capacity development and construction safety trainings.

    Reference to all ABA services and promotional activities for Afghanistan construction sector, we are proud having over 500 members from engineering construction companies. Furthermore, ABA will provide all USACE required trainings to Afghanistan construction companies.

  • What We Do  »

    To be collective pro-active voice of the construction industry to insure fair legislation and regulations for the industry and consumer by creating public awareness of the role-played by the business and profession of construction industry in Afghanistan.

    To be the recognized authority and respected community and business leader on industry standards and related business issues and to assist in those activities when called upon.

    To provide continuing education and information to provide the highest quality and value in member products and services through education programs and scholarships, encourage young people to take up careers in the construction industry for meeting current and future needs. To promote and support responsible growth to maintain a positive economic future for the communities we serve.

    To aid the construction industry in such a manner that adequate construction services will be made available by private enterprise to all Afghanistan


  • Mission Statement  »

    To be a well recognized association of the construction sector in Afghanistan And our members companies for a sustainable standard growth.

  • Our Goal »

    To Advance construction education, construction contracts & construction companies in international level.

  • Our Services »

    We, At Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) Provide many services to our honor members and construction sector in Afghanistan. Here at ABA We Prepare Training Programs such as: Primavera (Project Scheduling), CQM, Advanced Electrician, Safety Trainings and etc. Prepare Workshops, Meetings, Conferences (Matchmaking Conferences, Foreign and Governmental Conferences), Exhibitions, Publish ABA Magazine and Website Facilities. ABA strive to developed construction sector through the help of foreign and government to improve the reconstruction and rehabilitation in Afghanistan.

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