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Why is the ABA’s Membership So Important

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    Afghanistan Builders Association(ABA)

    is a non-govermental, non-political and non-profite organization and it the largest growing construction association in Afghanistan established in 2004 wwith support of USAID and local construction companies in 2004.
    After 2 year ABA turned in to a self-sustaniable organization with the help of the members that ABA has. Currently ABA has more about 600 members...

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    To be a well-recognized association of construction sector in Afghanistan and our members companies for sustainable stadard growth.

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    Our Goal

    We strive to connet and promote Afghan Construction Sector in the global standard in order to develop national and international civilization and economic growth

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    ABA membership provide direct contact with a vast network of construction association professionals and the opportunity for discussions and interact with col- leagues, donors, government officers and NGOs. Additionally, visiting ABA’s website at www.aba.af allows members to subscribe to several discussion groups. Members gain the advantage of networking on the national, regional and international levels. ABA assists members in getting information on solicitation by donors, NGOs, ARDS, US Army Corp of Engineering and government.

The voice of Construction Industry

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    ABA is the voice for all registered construction companies in Afghanistan. It is the only full services organization whose membership is open to any registered companies. ABA Activity promotes the profession and serves as advocates for registered construction companies. ABA also serves as watchdogs for profession, guarding the welfare of member by continual involvement in national governmental affairs. ABA has several tax forums with the taxation Department of the ministry of finance.

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