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ABA has a powerful network with a large construction sector in Afghanistan, USA, UAE, India, Turkey & many more which helps its...


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ABA membership provides direct contact with a vast network of construction professionals and the opportunity for discussions and interaction

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    March 09, 2014, Sunday

    Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) & U.S Army Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan Engineers District-North (USACE) are organizing a one day Conference on "2014 Business Opportunities with USACE" whichRead More

    Mar Sun 2014

    On March 25, 2014, For More information Please Click Read more to find the Registration Form & Sponsorship Package. Read More
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    Oct Thu 2013

    Our Association helps your company grow and find the path to the world wide construction companies and association vast network. call now at: 0775359960Read More
    9TH ABA - AACC Conference 

    Tue 10 October 2013

    9th ABA - AACC Conference will be held on 2-3 December 2013Read More
    ABA/FAIDA/FICCI & Indian Embassy Coordination Meeting was held on Sunday, September 15, 2013 at Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) main office. 

    Aug 31 2013

    ABA/FAIDA/FICCI & Indian Embassy Coordination Meeting was held on Sunday, September 15, 2013 at Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) main office.Read More
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President Message

Dear Reader,

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) board 


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Members Directory

Fourkent Construction Material Production Company

Fourkent Construction Material Production
Riabi Industrial Group
Mubarak Engineering & Construction Company
Athar Fadak
Momenzay Group of Companies
Afzal Habibi Construction Company
KABUL HERO Constraction company
eng shaker asifi
a t t
oral construction company
engineering and construction
SMF Group International
Nasir & Gulzar Consriction Company
Bright Vision Construction, Road and building Company
Afghan Vision IT Solutions Co
Afghan Vision IT Solutions Co
Blue Glass Construction & Road Building Company

Geo Search Surveying & Construction Company

Jahan Shamal Construction Company (JSCC)

Mawj Construction & Road Building Company

Shah Akhonzada Construction Company

Sharif Aziz Construction Company

ARC Construction Company

Mustafa Omid Construction & Road Company

Integrity Group

Unique Universal Material Testing Laboratory

Geo Scientific Material Tering Laboratories

Arabian Sea Engineering & Construction Company

Ahmadi Ahmad Rabi Brothers Construction Company

Wall Street Green Construction Company (WSGCC)

Asia Everest Construction Company (AECC)

Aspic Engineering Construction Company (AECC)

Rahman Noori Construction Company (RNCC)

Yahya Yousufi Land Builder & Engineering Company

Lomita Construction Company (LCC)

Afghan Bam Construction Company (ABCC)

Hasib Zabi Construction Company (HZCC)

Geotechnical Investigation & Material Testing Labo

Passaran-E-Noori Construction Company (PNCC)

Musa Khil Mangal Construction Company

Ariana Balkh Construction Company (ABCC)

Alimy Brothers Construction Company (ABCC)

Besmillah Omaid Construction Company (BOCC)

Emaargar Construction & Materials Company

Nazir Manyar Construction Company (NMCC)

Raqim Construction & Project Services (RCPS)

Omran Steel Tech

Maruf Sharif Construction Company (MACEC)

Zarkashan Road & Construction Company

FEKA Construction Company

DEOA Construction Company (DCC)

Urban Builders Group

Panel Tech

Miad Eiffel Road and Construction Company (MECC)

Khalid Bashir Construction Company (KBCC)

Mashriq Engineering Construction Company

East Meridian Construction and Engineering Company

Hexagon and Hexagon Construction Company ( HHCC )

Fayeq Naseri Construction Company ( FNCC )

Faryad Rastagar Logistic Services Co.

Munir Masoud Construction Company ( MMCC )

Eagle Kabul Construction Company ( EKCC )

Global View Construction Company ( GVCC)

Khalid Jamshid Construction Company (KJCC)

Ikmal Engineering Consulting Consortium

Yarestan Herat Logistic Service Company (YHLSC)

Waheed Zia Construction Company (WZCC)

Haroki Construction Company (HCC)

Advance General Supplies And Construction Company

Yama Asia Europe Construction Company

Intelligent Eye Construction Company

Omran Holding Group (OHG)

SPA Construction & Road Building Company

American Green Land Construction Company (AGLCC)

Transbankas LTD

Full Bright Company (FBC)

Bakhtar Sustainable Construction & Engineering Co.

Mah Construction Company (MCC)

Afghan Quick Logistic and Services (AQLS)

Aims Demining Company (ADC)

Faisal Durani Building & Road Construction Company

Ayoub Sarwary Construction Company (ASCC)

Ariana Asia Construction Unit (ACU)

Park Real Estat Development Construction Co.(PRCC

Asian Atlas Construction & Eng.Network (ACEN)

Mainawal Rahman Building & Construction (MBC) Ltd

Khwaja Abdul Mohyuddin Construction Company (KAMCC

Effective Business Company (EBC)

Basir Hashimi Construction Company ( BHCC)

Bamic Global Group Construction Company ( BGGCC )

Development & Evolution Construction Company

Kaveer Construction Company ( KCC )

Sultan Razia Construction Company ( SRCC )

Nishat Brothers Construction Supplies & Connex Co.

Mahmud United Group (MUG)

Afghan Services And Products (ASAP)

Jaweed Elhan Construction Company ( JECC )

Hewad Bagram Construction Company ( HBCC )

Qaseem Salem Constrution & Engineering Consultancy

77 Construction Company

Faizi Masroor Construction Company ( FMCC )

Oriental Pacific Construction Co.ITD ( OPCC )

Ali Barak Construction Company ( ABCC )

Fatah Khan Construction Company ( FKCC )

Jamal Aziz Construction & Engineering Co (JACEC)

VEGA Afghan Construction ( VAC )

Farward Stock And Supply ( FSAS )

Pul Engineering & Construction Joint Venture

Bahar Ehsan Construction Company ( BECC )

Teng and Associates, Inc

UCC Budservice

Suraya Construction and Production Company (SCPC)

Alpha Link Construction Company (ALCC)

Wise Global Group

Beltway Geotechnical Engineering Laboratories

Behnam Construction Company (BCC)

Noor & Sattar Habibi Builders (NSHB)

Excellence Construction & Engineering Company(ECEC

ARCO Group

Jurat Refa Construction Company (JRCC)

Technologists Inc-Afghanistan Construction

Hewad Infrastructure Construction Company (HICC)

Afghan Brilliant Construction Services (ABCS)

Europen Technology Company ( ETC )

Paaya Construction Company (PCC)

Khurasan Zamin Sabz

Sambros International Incorporation LLC

MaiwandMaihan Construction Company( MMCC )

RGM International Group

Abdulhai Gardezi Construction and Engineering Firm

All Resources Construction ( ARC )

Zurmat Group ( ZG )

Global Trust Construction Company( GTCC )

National Engineering Service for Rehabilitation Af

Gulbahar Investments

Tulu Noor Construction & Road Company

Geo Engineering Solutions

Ishan Qudrat & Prime Project INT. LTD (IQPP)

Contrack International INC ( Branch Office )

Binazeer Construction Co( BCC )

Maiwand Asian Construction Company( MACC )

Panjshair Business Group

Khoudi-Noor Construction Company( KNCC )

Bright Pearl Construction Company( BPCC )


Gulf Prince Construction and Logistic Service Co

Long Trust Construction Company( LTCC )

Khalil Rashid Eletro Engineerin Construction Co

Afghan Women Global Engineering Construction Co.

Sefat Construction Company (SCC)

Engineering Precision Construction Company( EPCC )

UNA Group

Kamal baba Constrution and Production mat co

Aria Taksar Construction( ATC )

Najibullah Khushbin Construction Company( NKCC )

Khan Shereen Khan Construction & Road Building Co

Kibak Construction Company

Jaam-e-Mashal Construction Company( JMCC )

State Corps Limited ( SCL )

Zwakman Nabizay Construction Company( ZNCC )

Holly Wood Construction Company ( HWCC )

Qayoom Jamil Construction Company( QJCC)

Principal Design and Construction Company

Basir Hashimi Construction Company

Farma Tech Engineering( FTE )

Aamer Bratar Road WS C C

Fazlullah Construction & Engineering Company( FCSE

Sadath Business Group Limited ( SBGL )

Mega City Construction Company( ACCC )

Keshawarz Associates, LLC( KALLC)

Asia Geo Engineering ( AGE )

Afghan Safe Engineering Corporation (ASEC )

Jan Group Construction Company( JGCC )

Tesla Engineering Services Co.Ltd

Amran zai Construction Company( AZCC )

Zohalk Technology( ZT )

Ajmal Faqiry Construction Company( AFCC )

Laice Group( LG )

Best Crown Engineering Services CC

Naweed Roman Oil Group( NROG )

World View Construction Company( WVCC )

Unique Builders Construction Company( UBCC )

Ayande Sazan Metal Work Company( ASMWC )

Scale Structure Engineering & Construction Company

Naweed Roman Oil Group

Jubaili Bros

United Ceramics &Building Materials( UCBM )

Helmandwall Construction Company( HWCC )

Ziaullah Construction Company(ZCC )

York International Construction Company( YICC )

Sai Metal Co Ltd ( SMCLTD )

Yarestan Heart Construction & Logistic Company

Hashela Durrani International Construction Company

Hasti Construction Company( HCC )

Choice Made Construction Company( CMCC )

Afghan Innovative Group( AIG )

Rustamyar Construction Company ( RCC )

Afghan Engineering Group Engineering Services & CC

Omran Geotechnical Company( OGTC )

Kodra Construction Company( KCC )

Khost Construction Company

Nabi Zada Group of Companies( NZGC )

Nizami & Baryalay Engineering Co LTD( NBECLTD )

World Access Construction Group( WACG )

Afghan Aria Construction Company( AACC )

Auto Link Atal Construction Company( ALACC )

Afghan Land Construction Company( ALCC )

Hamayoun Mansory Construction Company( HMCC )

Haji Mohammad Sultani Construction Company(HMSCC)

Habib Bashar Construction Company( HBCC )

Afghanistan Diamond Construction Company( ADCC )

Taban Construction Company Limite( TCC )

Helmand Zirak Construction Company( HZCC )

Akber Mirzad Group of Companies( AMGC )

Razayan Watan Group Construction( RWCC )

Afghan Builders Consortium (ABC )

Akbar Nasrat Construction Company

Khost Construction Company

Alaska Construction and Engineering Company

Cordova Group Limited

Better Construction Company( BCC )

Kar Neeroo Electrical Co LTD

Koh-E-Alborz Construction Company( KEACC )

Mumtaz Safi J.V Afghan Taj Construction Company

Noway Kawsar Group ( Construction )

Shal Construction and Road Building Company( SCRBC

Noble Man Construction & Road Rehabilitation Co

Amanullah Ahmadzai Construction Co( AACC )

K2 Construction

Omran Cosulting Construction and Engineering Co

Afghan Compound Support Services( ACSS)

Afghan Bamica Construction Co LTD

Anoosh Sawiz Road Building Construction Company

Z-Plus Engineering & Construction Company

Sayed Bilal Sadath Construction Company( SBSCC )

Rasik Construction Road Company

Waqt Construction Company( WCC )

Mustafa Shaheen Engineering Group ( MSEG )

Al-Emran Silk Road Group( AESRG )

Imran Bahar Construction Company( IBCC )

Sahil Middle East Logistic Company ( SMELC )

Sediq Now Construction Company ( SNCC )

Arsalan Zaki Logistics & Business Company( ZLC )

Imtiaz Group

Muqadas Saeed Construction Company

Afghan International Construction Company

Albironi Construction Company

Private Member

Discon Construction Company

IAP Worldwide Services Inc

Quyah Niazi Road and Building Construction Company

Sadat Wazi Construction Company( SWCC )

Road & Roof Construction Company ( RRCC )

Thunder Engineering & Construction Company (TECC)

Nazari Construction Company LTD

Nayazi Consruction & Road Construction Company

Elite Construction Company

Rahmatullah Barak Construction Company( RBCC )

Haroon Popal Construction Company ( H.P.C.C)

Skyward Design & Construction Company

Golden Step Architcture & Construction Company

United Europe Construction Company

Afghanistan Rehabilation & Architechure Org Co

Builders Internation Group( BIG )

Shekib-Nawed Construction Company( SNCC )

Sami Massih Construction Company ( SMCC )

Hamayoun Qasem Zadah Construction Company

Walid Parsa Construction Company ( WPCC )

Rabat Amiri Construction Company ( RACC )

Transparent Construction Company ( T.C.C )

Almutahed Darwishyan Road and Construction Company

Effect Pluse Construction Company ( EPCC )

Aman Construction and Rehabilitation Company(ACRC)

Aftab-e-Durakhshan Construction and Logistic Co

Sahebzada Construction & Engineering Company LTD

Ibrahim Khail Rahimi C.C (IRCC)

Wadan Bahar Construction Company (WBCC)

Afghan Sahak Construction Company ( ASCC )

Khalid Hatef Construction Company ( KHCC )

Hashim Ghani Road and Construction Company ( HGRCC)

Aria Tamadon Construction Company ( ATCC )

Masser Construction Company ( MCC )

The Hall Mark Construction Company ( H.C.C )

Hamayun Amin Construction Company ( HACC )


Rustam Wakilzai Construction Company (RWCC)

New Louy Paktia Construction Company (NLPCC)

Qadary Br.Construction Company ( QBCC )

Barikab Durani Construction Company ( BDCC )

Venco Imtiaz Construction Company ( VICC )

Afgahn Sparkle Maintenance Service ( ASMS )

Zurmat Material Testing Laboratories ( ZMTL )

Jafar Gulzar Construction Company ( JGCC )

Afghan Omid Construction Company & Logistic Co.Ltd

Batoor Design & Construction.INC (BDCI)

Shams Group International

Afghan Electrical Power Corporation ( AEPC )

Abu Raihan Construction Company ( ARCC )

Jaihoon Amu Construction Co.Ltd ( JACC )

Kulak Iusaat Ticard Ve Co Sanayi A.S

Foshang Construction Company ( FCC )

Rise Engineering Company (REC)
Quality Management Construction (QMC)
Gurbat Abdullah Construction Company ( G A C C)

Builder Line Adventure (BLA)

Architectural and Engineering Company ( A E C )












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